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Plaza Account Switch Request
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Started by theguyryanb977
(2016-04-22 19:48:14)
theguyryanb977 (2016-04-22 19:48:14)
I made a tool for users who wish to change accounts here in plaza. Basically just enter your current user name, new user name, and if it needs to be created and a mod will see it (usually me).

Link to PASR

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ChampionLeake (2016-04-22 19:49:11)
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NodePoint (2016-04-22 22:20:21)
IP block the directory carrying data such as IPs, please.
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Gumball (2016-04-23 03:03:21)
Would be better for a name change, no?
MarioErmando (2016-04-24 22:06:36)
the mods can't change usernames fam
Applebucker (2016-04-25 03:59:50)
I'm slightly confused, perhaps add a step-by-step to the OP.
carlos12 (2016-04-25 16:56:50)
@MarioErmando they used to be able too, but now they can't, wtf happened?
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Lani (2016-04-26 12:38:38)
It's basically a request form to make another account instead of having to flag down a profile mod to ask them to accept your new's more common with chat users but it happens frequently so this is pretty useful. Mods can just look at the request forms without having to actually talk with the users at inconvenient times.

That being said, what's the security of this? Couldn't I or Nuenez or someone just fill the form out claiming to be Applebucker switching to the username FrogNugget?...Then AppleBucker gets banned and Nuenez could get another account accepted. There should be some sort of confirmation through Plaza or something.

Also, the actual username changes messed with the database or something so that feature was removed like a year ago.

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Ab3 (2016-04-26 15:41:04)
^ It's verified through IP. Someone tried to switch me back to my original account, but it was rejected because the IP was different.
NodePoint (2016-04-27 09:13:31)
^^ Funny enough, Olivier used it recently. So I would assume that he restricted access to himself.

^ And email (as requested).
There is a robust way to verify ownership with both email and IP. Not sure if I should say what it is out loud but I might make a thread for that sort of advice..

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MarioErmando (2016-04-27 13:57:09)
this verifies ur ownership by a click of a button:
SimonGiurca (2016-05-07 14:39:09)

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wellsandlava (2016-05-09 15:07:13)
"Make sure you fill in everything and that a request is not already on this IP!"

So, does this mean it worked?

This is very confusing!!
This account is under a new owner
NodePoint (2016-05-11 09:14:13)
^ no. you need to do what it says.
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Dannyify (2016-08-08 14:49:08)
._. i've switched accounts tho
(without asking) I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to do I use the tool now or what
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