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3DSPlaza Update: Chat Deletions
Started by ChampionLeake
(2016-04-13 16:17:21)
Chloeci (2016-04-13 16:33:26)
It's about time. Not only were they spam grounds, if they weren't being spammed, they were completely empty.
Gumball (2016-04-13 18:49:40)
MissJanie (2016-04-13 18:58:59)
jfc simgs

braxtonhi (2016-04-15 03:22:48)
But what if you want to have a conversation apart from the main crowd? I fell like the plaza is going downhill and is losing all that made it special.
I just commented on your page!!!!!
WWTEpicFail (2016-04-17 01:43:49)
While those chats were cool in the older days of Plaza, it felt like they had no purpose now. Rob made a smart decision with deleting the chats.

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