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Started by Gourgeist
(2016-02-11 11:30:51)
little5 (2016-02-13 10:28:17)
Really good, but it's a generic tumblr style with different coloring. Change that while you can.

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Kishy (2016-02-29 01:34:41)
Did you post here to get legitimate criticism, or did you want everyone to lie and tell you that your art is good and sUpEr UnIqUe when it isn't? Your art makes me want to hurl.
Tumblr kids these days
Perfect_Chaos (2016-03-03 23:14:40)
PANZERFAUST (2016-03-04 03:52:03)
I miss you
Leviathan (2016-03-05 04:58:30)
Don't post here unless you are willing to change criticism. In all actuality, Litte5 was being very nice. Your art is absolute . The style isn't yours, you stole it from tumblr. Not only that, you suck at art in general. You figured out how to use ing Colors!3d to make some neat effects, but forgot to learn how to make a symmetrical head. Or symmetrical anything. This looks like you drew it in MS paint then got a friend to add blood and shadows to it. It sucks so much ass it's not even fathomable how you would post this here and expect to get a good response.

Keep in mind, I wouldn't have said anything if it weren't for your pretentious response to little5. Your art style IS generic. And you SHOULD change it while you can. If you continue drawing like this (which is ) then all of your art will forever look similar to this. (Like .)

If it took you this long to develop this art style, uninstall Colors!3d and replace it with "Pokemon Academy: Not being a ing failure edition" and learn from there. Your art sucks ass.

In conclusion, you are a teenage brat who can't draw, you should stop before you hurt somebody with your horrendous unappealing art style. (OR you can take criticism and stop being a little .)

PS show


PSS show

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I'm an open book, there are few questions I won't answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing.
Nemesis (2016-03-05 06:45:01)
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
PANZERFAUST (2016-03-05 22:51:24)
I miss you
little5 (2016-03-10 15:09:54)
Sure, you can use whatever style you wish, but expect criticism when showcasing it. I could go into more detail, but I don't want to discourage you or anything. Not even gonna lie, Levi was right when he said I was being nice, heck, I was pushing it with the "really good".

Though.. I didn't really think you'd be burned like this.

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2016-03-10 15:10:42


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