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Upcoming DSi site
Started by squirtle2016
(2016-02-11 00:29:20)
squirtle2016 (2016-02-11 00:29:20)
I am working on a new DSi site. I don't have a name for it, you can suggest a name here. The current features of the site are in spoilers.

Menu show

The menu is similar to 3DSPlaza's menu. There will be no accounts, as I don't know how to make an account system. Pop-up boxes will not be there, once again because I don't know how.

VIP Room show

There will be a VIP room. Only 3 members will be allowed. It has exclusive content, like a tab system.

Image Viewer show

I will add a feature that allows you to view any image in the right size for the DSi. It will be duplicated to fit both vertical and horizontal images.

Interested? show

Click here to go there. (Link is currently fake for obvious reasons.)

Current progress:
1% - Working on front page

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2016-02-14 11:58:17

Stop, or you die.
peappa5 (2016-02-13 14:43:43)
Good luck squirtle your a great person! :3
squirtle2016 (2016-02-18 16:56:57)
Project abandoned.

Closed this thread.
Stop, or you die.

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