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How to prevent Nuenez's inappropriate pms.
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Started by KingMarc
(2015-11-12 00:52:52)
KingMarc (2015-11-12 00:52:52)
Well, hello everyone and I hope you guys had a good Veteans day! If you see anything spelled incorrectly, plz tell me in the comments down below!
• Ok, now moving on to Nuenez. If you do not know Nuenez, he/she (I'm thinking he) is a person that creates alts and he post inapproiate things(naked people) in pms, comments, ect. Lots of plazaians have suffered from Nuenez's pms and sometimes, but could rarely, get suspended or expelled from school by just looking at the pm. Nuenez is someone that doesn't care about people's minds, and tries to dirty it up with dirty pictures of hentia, and yes naked people even sucking or .
• How to prevent Nuenez or any of his alts to pm you.
Ok, I know you guys were waiting for this part and it will sound very obverious.
1. Go into settings and set it to only friends can pm you.
- This way, only people you know and have friended can pm you. Nuenez, being the dumbass he is, cannot pm you! Plaza's system WILL deny his pm, blocking the hentai and naked people entering your pms!
2. Make sure only friends can comment there, and delete comments that are found inappropiate and report it to a mod right away!
-This way, you won't get in trouble by the mods and you'll have a good chance of having the alt banned. Also that no Nuenez hentai, or naked people pics get flooded in your pms, blocking comments that men something to you.
• Nuenez support groups.
Nuenist/Nuenism is a rebel group made to support Nuenez. It was first made to be a comedian joke (and yes, I was part of that joke). BUT, certain people take it WAY too far and some people do what he does, or saciface accounts for his evil doing! I have advice for you, DON'T DO IT EVEN IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
• How to detect it is Nuenez.
- Well, look at the name of the pm. If it looks normal, click on it BUT, if it says 'I ed lani' in it, take a picture and report to the mods! They will ban the alt if it's not already! Also delete it!
Nations that rise shall eventually fall.
KingMarc (2015-11-12 00:54:25)
Mods plz, add this to the announcements and edit on to this forum.
Nations that rise shall eventually fall.
UnitedUdders (2015-11-12 00:55:48)
Why didn't I think of this? +1
Silvesary (2015-11-12 00:59:15)

This man is taking Nuenez prevention a step forwards, this needs to be added to the main page.
Destroiya (2015-11-12 01:01:43)
10/10 omg how come I never thought of this? Oh wait... Oh well. 10/10
I just exist at this point. Nothing too special going on.
KingMarc (2015-11-12 01:05:57)
Guys, tell the mods to post this on the main page!
Thx for support!
Nations that rise shall eventually fall.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-12 01:25:05)
Man I never thought of this. I just thought that button was a decoration. +10
Pandora (2015-11-12 01:35:04)
This might be the most stupid, obvious thing I've ever seen.
sink into me and let me breathe you in.
BlurXL (2015-11-12 01:37:29)
KingMarc (2015-11-12 01:47:26)
I did say it will be obvious.

Nations that rise shall eventually fall.
YouMeAtSix (2015-11-12 01:48:38)
So much text for such easy solution.
Pandora (2015-11-12 01:55:07)
Where's the request to close forums?

sink into me and let me breathe you in.
KingMarc (2015-11-12 01:55:37)
@YouMeAtSix Ikr. Idek why I had to go into so much detail.

Nations that rise shall eventually fall.
Destroiya (2015-11-12 01:59:27)
@Pandora Are you mad? Why would we close the forums?
I just exist at this point. Nothing too special going on.
Pandora (2015-11-12 02:14:20)
I'm not mad, just annoyed at the fact that such idiocy is displaced broadly and was advertised for at least thirty minutes in the Aux RP room.
sink into me and let me breathe you in.
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