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Nintendo selling New 3DS cover plates online!
Started by ChampionLeake
(2015-09-26 01:13:16)
ChampionLeake (2015-09-26 01:13:16)

Yes. One of the most appealing features of the New Nintendo 3DS cover plates are now being sold on Nintendo's online store.

Nintendo of America's online website store are currently selling 10 cover plates.

Nintendo of Japan has more than 60 cover plates on their online store.

Prices range to $9.99 to $16.99.


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2015-09-26 01:15:38

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ConnorRonnoc (2015-09-26 09:45:09)
The Boo one looks pretty cool.

Grey camo is pretty good too.
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Drakkrai (2015-09-28 19:35:33)
There's probably going to be cheap ones at Five Below.
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TheIronMadden (2015-09-30 00:18:54)
I'm interested in getting the Kirby plates and the Smash Bros plates. The Animal Crossing ones that came with my New 3DS are neat, but I would much rather have a more unique design for my system.
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