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Minecraft: Story Mode is headed to WiiU!
Started by Shane
(2015-08-26 20:48:08)
Shane (2015-08-26 20:48:08)
According to The Verge, Minecraft Story Mode will be heading to the WiiU. While it isn't a main core Minecraft game, it will still be the first appearence of the series on a Nintendo console. The game is set to debut later this year.
Could this mean a main game is in works for the WiiU? Or to be coming for the NX? Comment your thoughts below!

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Alice (2015-08-26 20:50:06)
I know
I'll tell you all about it...... When I see you again.
voltaire (2015-12-21 11:03:49)
Crush42 (2015-12-22 02:05:45)
Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the discussion, Voltaire.

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