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Shovel Knight is in Super Smash Bros!?
Started by Nin10dude789
(2015-08-26 19:46:53)
Nin10dude789 (2015-08-26 19:46:53)
This week has been a very exciting week for Smash players! Many rumors has been circulating the internet about Shovel Knight being in Super Smash Bros. First off, a Spanish retailer listed a Shovel Knight amiibo ready for pre-order. But later, Yacht Club Games quickly turned down the rumor. Then other retailers around the world followed. Then on their Twitter and official website saying, "This next week is sure to be an exciting one, including the MEGATON reveal we promised…"

So with PAX Prime being this weekend and Smash Bros will be playable there, so... What do you think? Excited? Leave thoughts!

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Nutsy (2015-08-26 20:48:15)
What if it's a Shovel Knight sequel?

Like seriously. I'd be happy is Shovel Knight was in Smash, but people start rumors like nobody's business.

DrakeJericho (2015-08-27 00:58:28)
inb4 Mii costume
TheIronMadden (2015-08-27 04:34:28)
I'm down for seeing Shovel Knight in Smash, and I'd do anything for a Shovel Knight amiibo, but there will still be people butthurt about some other character not making it into the roster. A lot of people in the NintendoLife article seem to be having a fest because someone like King K. Rool isn't the DLC rumor flavor of the week.

Once the Ballot comes to an end, there's still going to be fanboys ing about how x character made it in, but not y character. They'll pretty much act like the people who keep complaining about Ridley's exclusion in every Smash Bros installment.
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Bean (2015-08-27 07:22:00)
Can we have Shrek yet?

Shrek is more deserving.
Bean (2015-08-27 17:01:51)
Spoiler: show

^ Aren't all Nintendo villains except Wolf, Hades, Ridley, Zanza, Metal Face and Ganondorf crap at being villains?
>no shovel knight in smash

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TheIronMadden (2015-08-27 17:58:01)
I don't even care if the Shovel Knight amiibo is non-Smash, I NEED it. XP

It's possible though that Shovel Knight may still become a playable fighter in Smash. We'll have to either find out tonight from Nindies@Home, or simply wait for the Ballot to come to a close. Chances are, if they do plan on putting him in, he might be annouced tonight, but no doubt we'll find out about the amiibo.
You won't see me here, but you might find me if you look in the right places.
DrakeJericho (2015-08-27 20:02:29)
Shane (2015-08-27 21:52:46)
Oh. But we'll probably get another Amiibo for it anyways if in Smash. Like the Mario Series.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-08-29 04:25:01)
@Bean Not really, King K. Rool is just trash.
Bean (2015-08-29 07:41:10)
^ He's a better villain than King Dedede. Starvation tactics aren't a bad strategy.
Nutsy (2015-08-29 17:32:28)
But that's how the American Civil War was won.


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