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Petition for MarioErmando to become admin
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Started by Gold
(2015-08-03 18:24:54)
ShadowCX11 (2015-08-13 23:12:24)
I think MarioErmando would actually fix all the problems on this site. I do not think he would do a bunch of stupid and useless crap. #Erman4Admin
Gold (2015-08-21 01:53:01)
Almost to 100 appreciates.
rcassassin8 (2015-08-29 02:56:46)
I think he could do this site some good

(also, nice pic Gold!)
They call me Luigi, because i'm always Player 2!

feel free to send a friend request, pm first though!
rage (2015-08-31 01:29:41)
I remember when you first made this when you were in chatroom red...
little5 (2015-08-31 09:50:19)
This wasn't very long ago at all.
shiv2003 (2015-10-22 06:03:37)
I want MarioErmando to become admin
BEST IN The World

AntiChrist (2015-10-22 09:47:15)
Old thread mate
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