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Petition for MarioErmando to become admin
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Started by Gold
(2015-08-03 18:24:54)
Gold (2015-08-03 18:24:55)
This thread will serve as a petition to make MarioErmando an admin here on 3DSPlaza. If you agree, then click the appreciation button (the +) at the top of this thread to sign.

I believe MarioErmando would be a great addition to the team. He has developed PlazaTools, a browser extension for 3DSPlaza that adds new features, a cSplit generator that was later integrated into the chat, developed an unofficial chatlog for the chat rooms here, and a long time ago, he created a website similar to 3DSPlaza, 3DSFun.

Also, 3DSPlaza hasn't had any major events or updates since the Christmas event of 2013. Rob and SomeLuigi do not do much here anymore, however I'm not saying to get rid of SomeLuigi. Ermando is dedicated to what he does, and does stuff for us all in his free time. 3DSPlaza needs to get regular updates again, like every other website.

I hope you guys can keep this thread alive so Rob and SomeLuigi can see it and consider it. Also, if you can, please tell Rob and SL, but don't bug them about it. I also decided to make this because people have always been saying he should become admin, and now would be a good time.

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2015-08-04 00:48:38

Roblotech (2015-08-03 18:34:25)
I totally agree with you. If anybody can get us back up on our feet, it's him.

However it all depends, what if Ermando doesn't want to take charge of such big responsibilities?
DrakeJericho (2015-08-03 18:35:30)
We really need to bring this to Rob's attention.

Debating if I should put this on the homepage or not, since there's nothing there.
BirdJesus (2015-08-04 01:23:13)
I'm pretty sure Erman is for the idea. Then again, I'm not him.
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Nutsy (2015-08-04 01:27:03)
He accepted mud so I don't see why he wouldn't.

ConnorRonnoc (2015-08-04 09:25:30)
It's all up to him as to whether or not he wants to do it.
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Perfect_Chaos (2015-08-04 17:45:23)
Well poeple have literally walked up to Rob and asked to be mod and did.
little5 (2015-08-04 21:14:03)
Anybody have Rob's current address?
AgurettiLeaf (2015-08-04 21:31:02)
I fully agree. Drake put this on the homepage.
BirdJesus (2015-08-05 13:17:46)
@SirDavid Rob doesn't give a about this website.
"Ugh, I need to go masturbate now. Whenever I get mad or worried, that's what I do."
-mega, the homosexual animal rapist.
DrakeJericho (2015-08-05 16:53:24)
Lani (2015-08-05 17:18:13)
This is proof that it's already been/being considered.

A petition isn't going to do anything anyway. Do we even know if Erman wants to be an admin? It might not be completely appropriate to homepage this yet...the only use that would do anyway is perhaps remind Rob about it.

Ultimately it's up to Rob and Erman.
Draught (2015-08-05 17:49:38)
For the first time I want something good
to happen to him even though I hate him.
Headphanie. ∞
Cinccino (2015-08-05 18:03:39)
I do in fact know Erman wants to be an admin because he said so to me.
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Perfect_Chaos (2015-08-05 18:35:24)
Unrelated but...[link={}&msg=11539293]the Kishy?[/link]

Anyways since Rob agrees and there's a 150% Erman would accept admin
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