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2015 3DSPlaza Smash Wii U Crew Battle
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Started by Gold
(2015-07-02 23:19:05)
SuperBroly (2015-07-04 04:51:14)

da homie Ganon
Gold (2015-07-04 07:16:37)
^ Does that mean you're joining..?
TLEReborn (2015-07-05 15:56:10)
Don't let him.
ChampionLeake (2015-07-05 17:39:37)
I can make this work.
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BioMan8 (2015-07-05 18:34:51)
I'm joining.
My NNID is BionicBrother, and I'll use Jigglypuff.
TetrisDude335 (2015-07-05 19:07:04)
Sign me up, I'll be playing as Lucas.
NNID is TetrisDude335

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2015-07-05 19:16:36

braxtonhi (2015-07-05 22:14:22)
Is there room for me to join? Id' love to join. NNID is also braxtonhi. I'd probably use Zero Samus.
I just commented on your page!!!!!
Gold (2015-07-06 00:31:47)
Yes, you're allowed to join.
starbreaker (2015-07-08 23:24:01)
I vote kirby or Link to win
In my world, the color red doesn't exist. These must be... my tears...
SSBFAN (2015-07-10 15:57:14)
Count me in. This sounds like fun!
Gold (2015-07-10 16:00:04)
Sorry, registration is already closed.
SSBFAN (2015-07-10 16:03:29)
P.S. If I can make it then I want be Ness.
SuperKirby64 (2015-07-11 06:17:44)
Wait, we're missing a Fox amiibo called Waveshine.
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PopCorn (2015-07-11 22:57:20)
Can i join?
Gold (2015-07-11 23:56:23)
Registration is closed.
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