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2015 3DSPlaza Smash Wii U Crew Battle
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Started by Gold
(2015-07-02 23:19:05)
Gold (2015-07-02 23:19:05)
Me and Sackacuga are hosting a crew battle for Super Smash Bros Wii U. If you don't know what a crew battle is, look at this:


A crew battle is a form of competition between two teams. Each team starts out with the same number of stocks, which is usually divided evenly between the members of a team. For example, a SSB4 crew battle with five members on each team might have 15 stocks per team, 3 for each member.
Players from the opposing teams then take turns fighting in 1v1 matches, with the winner of a match carrying their remaining stock(s) to face the next member of the opposing team. Stocks lost by the victorious player in a previous match are subtracted from the player's stocks by self-destructing at the beginning of the next match.

Ex: If Player A defeated the other team's Player B with two stock remaining, then Player A would advance to the next match and would need to SD 1 stock during the beginning of the match with Player C, who starts with full stocks (3 stocks). This continues until one crew completely runs out of stocks, in which case the other crew is the victor.

Video Ex: Skip to 6:55. The only difference is that the players in the event we are doing will be starting out with 3 stocks each, not 4 as shown in the video.

-3 stocks (when entering your first match), 8 minutes
-Custom moves and equipment are off
-Handicap is off
-Items are off
-Mii's are banned
-Stages that can be picked are Final Destination, Battlefield, and Smashville.

Hosts / TO's:


The 2 crews

Team A:

1. Username: braxtonhi
NNID: braxtonhi
Character: Zero Suit Samus

2. Username: TLEReborn
Character: Mega Man

3. Username: Perfect_Chaos
NNID: chaoszeroe
Character: Captain Falcon

4. Username: Arcanine
NNID: Pokeman4321
Character: Falco

5. Username: SuperKirby64
NNID: MegaKirby64
Character: Captain Falcon

6. Username: Robdeprop
NNID: Robdeprop
Character: Pacman

Team B:

1. Username: carlos11
NNID: TrackBeast
Character: Pikachu

2. Username: Gold
NNID: TheGoldMan
Character: Captain Falcon

3. Username: DrakeJericho
Character: Dark Pit

4. Username: Zeta
NNID: Sycho-Ashura777
Character: Roy

5. Username: BioMan8
NNID: BionicBrother
Character: Jigglypuff

6. Username: TetrisDude335
NNID: TetrisDude335
Character: Lucas

Me and Sack tried to balance out the crews, so you weren't put in a crew at random. However, the order in which you play for your crew was chosen at complete random. Also, the number by your name is the order you're going in for your crew. It is not some sort of ranking.


If your teammate doesn't show up at all:
If your teammate does not show up within 10 to 15 mins, a lv. 9 CPU will take his or her place. The CPU will be chosen at random.

If the CPU advances:
If the CPU advances to the next round, the player who has control of the rules will have to choose the CPU character that the random button chose last match. If the CPU has lost some stocks, then the CPU will be set to 3 stock (cause it has to) and the match will end when the number of actual stocks from the CPU gets taken away by the opponent. The game will not count this as the end of the match, so the players will click no contest.

Everyone who is participating must add Sackacuga, as he will be hosting all of the rooms for the crew battle. His NNID is SackThing.

The character you've choosen cannot be changed anymore.

I have PM'd SomeLuigi and asked him if the winners of this event can receive this icon by their username in the chats for a month:

We will wait and see if he agrees. If he doesn't, we will have to decide another prize.

Update: Robdeprop has agreed to this.

Date the crew battle starts: July 17 at 4 PM PST (which is 5 PM MST, 6 PM CST, and 7 PM EST) If you live outside of the U.S, you will have to do your time conversions on your own.


Important: As you may know, EVO starts on July 17. That was the day the crew battle was suppose to begin. We would like to know if you guys still want to do it on that date, or if you wanted it pushed back a week to July 24. Vote here. The poll will be closed on July 9.

Update: As of July 9, the poll is now closed. 3 people voted for July 24, and 4 voted for July 17 so we're doing the event on July 17.

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StygianZinny (2015-07-02 23:21:17)
carlos11 (2015-07-02 23:22:02)
Good luck finding crews though.
Language is a tool for efficient communication. The internet is a tool for fast communication. Do not defy both intents by posting incoherent writing.
Waffle (2015-07-02 23:22:18)
What's inside? show
Yo Mama
carlos11 (2015-07-02 23:26:33)
Put me on a team. I r cashual
Language is a tool for efficient communication. The internet is a tool for fast communication. Do not defy both intents by posting incoherent writing.
Chrom (2015-07-02 23:28:15)
Put me on a team. I want in. Wii U nnid: Pikachumanlolz
I challenge my fate!
DrakeJericho (2015-07-02 23:43:41)
I'm in
Arcanine (2015-07-03 04:33:03)
im scared 2 join
Green_Plesioth is a commited manster hanter scrub
Arcanine (2015-07-03 04:40:57)
did u cum up with this?
Green_Plesioth is a commited manster hanter scrub
Gold (2015-07-03 04:52:04)
Crew battles have always been a thing.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-07-03 17:27:03)
I'll join but I don't know if I should use NerfGrenij or GreenMario.

I'll use GreenMario


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2015-07-03 18:19:49

Gold (2015-07-03 19:57:43)
Green Mario as in Luigi?
BioshockFan64 (2015-07-03 19:58:20)
Add me in it. My NNID is RagamuffinMan123 and I'll use the Villager.
Static is best villager.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-07-03 19:58:56)
SuperBroly (2015-07-04 04:51:14)

da homie Ganon
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