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Animal Crossing Project
Started by spot9110
(2014-11-23 06:32:27)
spot9110 (2014-11-23 06:32:27)

Hey, I'm back. I am planning to start a new project based on 'PokeFarm' and the things you can do on there.

The site is gonna either be called 'AC Farm' or 'AC Town'

So far I've already got all 552 character sprites and some of the basic layout done. Hopefully it becomes worth my effort. I might decide to hire someone that is willing to slowly add some descriptions in the DB for the 552 characters. There will be rare and regular visitors/shop owners/misc characters. You can level them up and sell them for money (not slavery, more like taxes and eviction). The money will be able to buy new villagers and buy some tools to help make more money.

Overall, this site will probably take more than 200 hrs for me to code. Expect it to be done in a 2-3 weeks. I will release beta version soon.

(I will organize this post later)

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Coming back

MarioErmando (2014-11-25 07:08:53)
Cool, I like Animal Crossing, good luck
spot9110 (2014-11-25 20:20:49)
^I wish you could have continued your animal crossing site. It was turning out so well.
Coming back


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