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[IMPORTANT] ELITE Attacker Information and History
Started by CoolApps
(2014-08-25 23:09:48)
CoolApps (2014-08-25 23:09:48)
Not to long ago, there was this ELITE group which came on AR7Comm, there were arguments.
Just to make it clear here, ELITE is a hacker which warn and then start hacking/attacking a site which doesn't comply with the anti-bullying rule. AR7Comm never had a bullying issue from my experience.
Looking at the profiles, it was said that they are going to attack Splashiverse, SocialNeko, maybe Plaza, and possibly more.
Anyway on AR7Comm, they reported the domain name so Angel had to switch hosts since the web host didn't support anything other than .tk, so there was a switch from .tk to .ml .
Angel did say that if the ELITE stop hacking other sites then they will not need to pay for the .tk domain to be back.
Today however, "J0k3rZ", a member of ELITE did not give up and ignored the only reason why they attack sites, the other members of ELITE apparently no longer do the attacking, this member has DDoS'd AR7Comm which got the services suspended (not sure if it is the account or the actual webhost). Before it got suspended, there were two statuses, I was only able to get to one before the last second reached which was when it got suspended.

Before that, they had a Facebook page created by J0k3rZ. The page was full of things ranging from bullying posts to personal information (includes phone numbers and where that person lives).

Later on, Angel told me to go to his AR7Comm thread so I did just that and found this video from the now-banned-user.

There is an account which wasn't banned but a part of this called "J0k3rZ", please don't ban this account YET, I'm still awaiting reply and it seems that it is the only way of contact.

He could attack any site at any time (especially this one), which can be worrying.

What we can do? I don't know.
This guy clearly is just being a script kiddie and is just attacking random sites.
Until he realises that what he is doing is making him insane and... ...well you know, we shall never know when he wakes up.

Of course giving him attention will make him do more, but this is one of the things that we can't just ignore. I mean why da well would you put random sites down?

EDIT: From what I've gathered so far, the DDoS software connects to a anonymous botnet making it so that people use your traffic for putting sites down, so I guess it's kind of a trick? Regardless if it gives something bad or not, it still can effect *some* websites.

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CodyP2000 (2014-08-25 23:20:30)
Probably because he can't code a website as good as any of those and is only stuck to wapka
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Bean (2014-08-26 11:50:41)
This guy has some sort of mental problem.

Rob does pay a crapload of money to prevent this sort of thing, though. Don't be too worried.
CoolApps (2014-08-26 11:53:24)
^ Funny enough, many people said that. LOL
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(Capt.)Orb (2014-08-26 11:53:44)
Exactly what Bean said above.
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CoolApps (2014-08-28 21:58:06)
I was mainly talking about you, J0k3rZ, I already know that the rest of the group stopped.
Even though the software did work, it still helped the users who you did not intend to help, aren't you a little concerned that they're using your bandwidth as well to do their dirty work? When it comes to DDoSing, we're talking about possibly a lot of bandwidth being used (depends of the method, how many users have used your PC and how long it has been running for).

FYI, the credentials on AR7Comm were hashed, not encrypted, so you can't decrypt them. This means that you do not have the "unencrypted" information.
Even if you do have such information, it will not ruin Angel's reputation since he's not the one putting out the stalker information.

If you want, you can post the list of your group here, it's your choice after all.

Of course, if you do put out messages with the info then it is your responsibility regardless what happens as a result of sending them.

By the way, DDoSing will not protect you from Apache server logging, so your IP and DNS will be logged LOL.

If you want to prove me wrong with the "unencrypting" then please do send some proof (not the stalker info) via PMs to me first rather than Facebook. If it seems correct then I'll believe you, if not then I keep my words along with the others who know what you've done.

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CoolApps (2014-08-29 11:42:47)
Yeah, I would let you do the damage on that site since... well, you know.

DDoSing a shared server is like DDoSing any other sites which you were not intending to put down, as I've mentioned in the OP.

I have noticed that you can use some PHP imaging functions to add code within. It can be dangerous. Isn't getimagesize() the only one that is vulnerable to this simple attack or is there more?

Just to add here, I do not wish to attack you, I believe you can use all of your knowledge for the good.

The email you can use is [email protected] (apparently strips off the IP and other browser details, need it just in case. )

It's nice to see that it has been all settled down.

Unfortunately, I keep on getting a 404 HTTP Response when I go to that URL ( ???).

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CoolApps (2014-08-29 14:34:28)
To be honest, I think doing it the chatroom way would be a faster method and I can easily use a proxy, just to be safe. (Not saying that I don't trust you, it's more of making sure that my real IP doesn't get grabbed and used for something unexpected by someone else, if you're the only one who currently has access to the database on the server where the chat is being hosted then I don't really need a proxy, it's your call).

It seems I have not made it clear that it was just one member which was causing this issue, sorry about that.

I'm more than happy to discuss this somewhere private enough.

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SomeLuigi (2014-08-29 15:14:03)
Why is 3DSPlaza/Splashiverse the target of this attack?
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SomeLuigi (2014-08-29 16:13:20)
Taking down 3DSPlaza doesn't really prove anything though, it's not that hard to take down. I dare say also that the community isn't really /that/ significant anymore.

I'll see what goes on, I guess.
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CoolApps (2014-08-29 18:57:08)
We've discuss this and now it has been solved.
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