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EpicFailure's TUC Sprites!
Started by WWTEpicFail
(2012-11-04 23:37:38)
WWTEpicFail (2012-11-04 23:37:38)
Here are some of my sprites in order:
1. :/ Face
2. Angry face
3. Sad face
4. Happy face
5. Cheese pizza
6. "?" block
Updating more soon!
Eh, I won't update anymore.

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2013-05-14 08:07:03

OtherSilhouette (2012-11-05 03:55:54)
They don't need to be in the game. I use my Seal Dude sprites personally. -TehBigestNub
SomeLuigi (2012-11-05 21:40:31)
Don't have to be ingame, you are free to use for personal and commercial uses too.
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
WWTEpicFail (2012-11-08 02:13:40)
WWTEpicFail (2012-11-11 18:33:38)
That would be cool.
WWTEpicFail (2012-11-28 01:12:24)
WWTEpicFail (2013-05-14 01:07:59)
These are old..
WWTEpicFail (2013-11-16 20:25:20)

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