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TUC IDEA: Add-on ideas
Started by doggle1
(2012-10-31 03:27:51)
SomeLuigi (2012-10-31 09:44:31)
1st: Add-ons like in minecraft a creature-free version add-on

If you mean modding, I understand what you mean. Users themselves will not be able to apply mods, but I will be able to apply any add-ons that someone will code using the TUC Ingame API.

2nd: Someluigibot Filter filters text!

3rd: TUCBB - a bbcode for TUC
What would the BBCode do? Show your TUC stats..?

4th: Live Shop- lets you chat in game with people in a private room
I was thinking a different idea, but maybe I'll give this a try.

5th- Invitations
You might be amazed at the thought I put into this. Planned.

6th- Mailboxes
Already planned, able to transfer items through mail.

7th: ATUCPMS- Personal Management System-(profiles)
3DSPlaza already has those, a bit unnecessary. Otherwise, you could just put up a few signs for people to read, maybe the signs will support colour and underline, etcetera.

Hope this answers your suggestion
SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.

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