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Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-10-30 09:49:12)
SomeLuigi (2012-10-30 09:49:12)
Please layout your title in a correct format, with software name, idea/bug (and version, for bug reports):

TUC (The Game itself) Bugs:
TUC v0.8 BUG GUIs don't close

TUC (The Game itself) Ideas:
TUC IDEA Make Player-owned Shops

TUCS (Spriter) Bugs:
TUCS v0.5.4 BUG Blahblah blah

And so on.

Read: If you are alpha testing a non-public release, please post your bug report in the hidden forums, unless the bug applies to the latest PUBLIC RELEASE. You can see public releases in the alpha-build selector, they are marked with this star promotion (recommended build-type):
*** If you are not an alpha tester, you do not worry about that red notice

Thank you for reading this thread.

Love Greetz,

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SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
pwnzor3dsguy (2012-11-02 22:24:48)
What public release?
I have an now! Ask me stuff and you'll probably maybe possibly be answered!
Kiba (2013-03-08 18:41:00)
Can i join im a good artist and coder
Ii am 2ollux captor

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