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"High" School.
Started by DeathKid
(2012-09-27 03:18:40)
DeathKid (2012-09-27 03:18:41)
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As we start our journey, we find our band of "heroes" (villains?) at their favorite spot to hang out. The dump. .3.
DeathKid: Calling this meeting to order. Role call!
Ron1212: Here!
That1Guy: Here!
SkySammy: Here
deaththeguy: Here!
little5: Here!
omega: Heer. derp derp
mayoman: *fanfare plays* HERE!

DeathKid: Then let's call this meeting to order. Tomorrow is Monday, so school is starting.

deaththeguy: school blows. ._.

That1Guy: Lol we should all go to school on crack

DeathKid: Let's do it bro

Everyone: Yeah!

omega: Im alwayz hi.

DeathKid: Lol im so hi rite nao.

little5: I no rite. weeeeeed

*everyone stumbles into school*

Principle Rob: What are you guys doing?

deaththeguy: were hi f@ggoot.

Rob: o-õ

DeathKid: *shoots Rob* B!tch

SkySammy: Lol lets go secks

omega: *naked* wat

Ron1212: Lets go to class k gize

DeathKid: *shoots him in da head* B!tch

That1Guy: Nuu ron

DeathKid: UMADB!TCH?

That1Guy: *pulls out sword* I challenge yu to sord fite

DeathKid: *headshot* No

little5: Shiiiiny *licks blood*

mayoman:*eating mayonaise* derp

DeathKid: Dats da mayo I poisined brah

mayoman: derp *dies* i ded

DeathKid: *looks at all the ded bodies* derp better clean dis up

little5: *eats dead bodies* yummmmmm

DeathKid: *in head* derp better keep dis one around for cleanup

Vice-Principle SomeLuigi: All right, what is going on here

SkySammy: Were hi on crak

DeathKid: *headshot* blabbur

little5: *eats SkySammy*

omega: dangit I wuz guna secks

Vice-Principle SomeLuigi: WHAT THE HELL *grabs phone to dial 9-1-1*

deaththeguy: machete time *stabs SomeLuigi* i dew good DeathKid?

DeathKid: *headshot* no, dat wuz mai kill

little5: *eats bodies*

omega: and then der wer 3

DeathKid: IM GONNA GET U BFORE U GET ME *headshot*

omega: metroid regrowth bish

little5: *eats omega alive*

DeathKid: guwd job apprentice

*murder high 5*

*police sirens*

little5: I will giv mah life 4 mah master!!!!! *runs out with grenade with pin pulled, exploding all the cops and herself*
DeathKid: An honoribel deth.

DeathKid: And that is the end of MY language arts class story!

Ron1212, That1Guy9001, SkySammy, deaththeguy, little5, omega, & mayoman: .0.
^ fag
little5 (2012-09-27 03:31:40)
WRONG. I always say present. Now let me get finished reading the story.
Ron1212 (2012-09-27 03:32:33)
Ron1212 (2012-09-27 03:33:43)
This is pretty funny.
little5 (2012-09-27 03:35:34)
DeathKid (2012-09-27 03:35:39)
Glad you liked it. -b
^ fag
DeathKid (2012-09-27 03:36:39)
The pic in my sig is pretty appropriate for this.

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CronaGorgon (2012-09-27 03:41:54)
Glad I wasn't in the story. o-e
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DeathKid (2012-09-27 03:43:30)
I never intended it to be grimdark, it just ended up like that.
^ fag
CronaGorgon (2012-09-27 03:47:15)
Make a Clopfic.
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CodyP2000 (2012-09-29 20:48:03)
This made me crack up so hard

now i fell lik im on crak b!tch *Shoots DeathGuy*

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