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Welcome to the Art Forum!
Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-05-21 17:47:30)
SomeLuigi (2012-05-21 17:47:30)
Ok, enough weird introductions!

I want a nice piece of art here!

Submit some, and it will be posted right here

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2012-05-21 17:48:08

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
shalala (2012-05-21 18:07:36)
e3o Alot of new forums...


roxasmaker (2012-05-21 19:25:47)
Sup, I'm here!

Follow me on Twitter: @r0xasmaker
pikarceus (2012-05-21 20:44:43)
*Claps* Time to virtually dust off Colors!

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SynTM (2012-05-21 21:06:18)
I think you should throw some rules down on this Topic, like..

No nudity, adult content, etc..
WiiGi (2012-07-21 08:04:20)
I just recently made this ^^

GamerGirl325 (2012-09-03 03:57:07)
Do you like WAFFLES?
Bgerm (2012-11-05 06:23:07)
I've been training so hard

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BamaBoy (2013-05-24 06:54:14)
Hell yeah I'm a pikachu!
XxFuzzballxX (2014-07-08 03:28:55)
I drew this in the PaintJoy app. I just need some Mother fan to fill Claus in.
hi again
XxFuzzballxX (2014-07-30 00:57:35)
If you ask me if I drew my profile pic, expect me to stare at you with an I-Cant-Draw-THAT-Good expression on my face.
hi again
XxFuzzballxX (2014-11-09 07:51:51)

hi again
AlexRose (2015-05-19 14:41:12)


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