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Announcing project Triniate
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Started by Robdeprop
(2012-05-06 20:02:50)
Robdeprop (2012-05-06 20:02:50)
I proudly present to you:
Project Triniate

Let me explain what project Triniate is. Ever heard of a MMORPG? MMORPG stands for "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game". As the name indicates, it is an online game where players can play together at the same time. A famous example is Runescape.

Project Triniate has the goal to create a MMORPG for the Nintendo 3DS Browser.

Why is this so special? The Nintendo 3DS Browser is very weak in comparison to browsers for computers, and it does not support Java, Flash or other famous game plugins. This is why it is so hard to create a MMORPG for the Nintendo 3DS, and that, is why Project Triniate is so special.

Don't get too excited. As I said, this is a hard project, and also a very big project. It might not even be released to the public at all.

At the moment, the crew of project Triniate exists of:
- Me, Robdeprop: Programmer
- Jysun, a real-life friend of mine: Spriter
- Barry, another great friend: Spriter

I've been busy with this project for quite some time now, and that is one of the reasons why there were not much apps created for 3DSPlaza the last few months.

For those of you who are interested in project Triniate:
I created a website for Triniate itself, however, it is linked to 3DSPlaza. You need to login with your 3DSPlaza account on Triniate. The link to the website of Triniate is Triniate.
It is not possible to play Triniate yet for the public, since it's under development. However, there is a way for you to play it anyways. If you donate $1.00 via the site, you get access to the demo's of Triniate, and you can grant one other 3DSPlaza member access to the demo's.

I'll probably be busy with this quite some time, so please don't ask for release dates. Also, I currently don't need a bigger crew. You can post ideas in this forum if you like, but there is a big chance we already had that idea, and if we didn't, the chance is not big that your idea will make it to the final game.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Edit: An old video, for the PC users:

(Youtube channel:

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10 Years 3DSPlaza!
SomeLuigi (2012-05-06 20:04:29)
I already knew about this, but anyways

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
Junaid (2012-05-06 20:08:00)
Awesome! -b
Duane (2012-05-06 20:08:35)
Thanks for the memories...
MegaBeanish (2012-05-06 20:09:31)
I bookmarked it when you invited me and I tried to play it but it said I don't have permission.
-Lance Corporal Rodriguez (USMC)
Sticky (2012-05-06 20:09:45)
Hm. Interesting.
TFJudoTheScizor (2012-05-06 20:09:46)
Cool -b

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MadHatter (2012-05-06 21:24:30)
Cool, but dont really care since its for 3DS. Not DSi... so. nope
Look at my profile.51.4% smarter
Leroy (2012-05-06 21:31:24)
Created By The One And Only SynTM! Rare And Not Being Made Anymore... MWAHAHHA
WhiteWolf (2012-05-07 13:48:47)
Blackwolf Knowed this already R)
Dragnet (2012-05-07 18:27:00)
So, it finally comes out. What, no mention of the loyal game testers?
What I wanna know is where's the caveman
Robdeprop (2012-05-08 04:03:18)
Yes, most testers still have access, like you @quadrplax
10 Years 3DSPlaza!
Robdeprop (2012-05-08 18:46:37)
Hey Teal. Thanks for your feedback. The reason I said that we don't need to expand our crew right now, is because most members here are children, and as I know from experience, they always try to ask if they can be a part of the crew, even though they have no computer skills or design skills.

My friend has not done much work yet, only the character sprite and some tiles (the tiles are not shown in the video).
The background is just temporarily for testing, I made it quickly in MS Paint.

I have sent you a friend request; We need a lot of artwork, so skilled artists are welcome. Please accept my friend request (you can do so on your profile) so we can discuss the details.
10 Years 3DSPlaza!
Robdeprop (2012-05-08 21:03:45)
@Goldeneye923: No problem, I enjoy creating this.
You will most probably keep your Triniate accounts, but I might have to reset your levels back to 1. I'm not quite sure about that yet though.
10 Years 3DSPlaza!
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