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starbreaker: its*
starbreaker: and now ita quiet
Penguins: Bye familiar person that i dont remember fully
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: anyways fun reunion see ya whenever the cycle continues
Penguins: Bye pokerface
Arcanine: howdy fellas
Penguins: So yeah. You get the picture
Penguins: But i did
Penguins: LIKE A laddergoatING IDIOT
Penguins: And I tried running
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: why isnt arcanine banned
Penguins: Anyway i was walking on the edges of my feet
Penguins: Nevermind
Penguins: Wait
arrggg as thok: ok i don't doubt that but how did it happen
Penguins: I was walking on like the edges of my
Penguins: I was being stupid
Arcanine: @SackThing101 how did you even come up with this name
arrggg as thok: how
Penguins: It was super
Penguins: Almost broke my ankle
Penguins: Ayeee
Arcanine: hi
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: DISCORD LIT
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: dead
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: trihard7 @golf
SackThing101 as The Drifter: I think it was a P or Q
SackThing101 as The Drifter: I remember their username being very generic
arrggg as thok: oh
SackThing101 as The Drifter: I think Jaylynn might have died or something, I'm uncertain
Green_plesioth: dont trihard me
SackThing101 as The Drifter: i remember the name on plaza a few years back
SackThing101 as The Drifter: yall know a Jaylynn?
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: trihard @Golf
arrggg as thok: Incredible
Wesker: Amazing
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: dont forget it
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: the huskies>buddy
arrggg as thok: yeah he's only like 6 years old
Wesker: Buddy is still thriving?
arrggg as thok: I'm not going to tarnish my dog with a plaza account
Green_plesioth: when are we adding rotomdex here
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: no buddy doesn't need an account here
Shalala: andrew when is buddy getting an account on here
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: yeah thats fair but thats the general excuse
arrggg as thok: fair
Wesker: It was probably because you’re annoying
Wesker: I remember the golden days where I’d be frustrated to have some original csplit
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: I wanted a fun story I could take with me and tell the whole city about
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: well thats not fun i was hoping you'd remember why you had me ignored
arrggg as thok: i swear!
Green_plesioth: normie is n-word 2.0
arrggg as thok: she's lying!
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: ew andrew is a normie get outta my server
SackThing101 as The Drifter: 2014 was especially bad for me
Wesker: I don’t remember
Green_plesioth: 2012 was a bad year for all of us in different ways, huh
Wesker: You’d be right, that’s why I’m still talking to you -Andrew
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: can I get a solid answer as to why I was ignored
arrggg as thok: heather only associates with normies now :^(
SackThing101 as The Drifter: and might I bring up the PMs you and I had
Wesker: This is why I ignored you
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: his community manager skills are as good as your video game skills @golf
SackThing101 as The Drifter: just like your KIU skills
arrggg as thok: no those were broken
Green_plesioth: just like your community manager skills
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: what does " I heard you got the clap though" mean, i'm not a normie I don't know this lingo
SackThing101 as The Drifter: just special
SackThing101 as The Drifter: its not broken
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: Im trying to bring my server of over 1k people to the site and yet this POS can't even function with 10 people
arrggg as thok: tell rob we have 1000+ people waiting to join
Green_plesioth: cant even handle 10 people
Green_plesioth: why this site so broken
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