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v3.0 Public 2015w17

QueenAngel: Hm.
[Dead] arsenicArachnid as KaiTheHuman: Shore.
SoI as Llama king: Reena is a bully
[Dead] arsenicArachnid as KaiTheHuman: I want cSplit so bad.
ComingDown: THERE we go
ComingDown: cSplit Conf Successful
ComingDown: cSplit Conf Successful
WhiskerHaven: I'll be 23 in a week. :O
(ExoticModz): https://youtu.be/JHpQlFxhmIk
(ExoticModz): https://youtu.be/XqB2-2oBdGU
(ExoticModz): e.e
LariQueen: Please don't take me seriously
LariQueen: Hillbilly**
(ExoticModz): Yea so what?
(ExoticModz): Shotgun*
LariQueen: Hillbilly
(ExoticModz): ShotGun Shane
LariQueen: Shane who
(ExoticModz): I hang out with Shane alot
(ExoticModz): https://youtu.be/7qyKV34JKuM Yep
WhiskerHaven: It's not done yet. xD
LariQueen: Ya
WhiskerHaven: Yo, you like the beginning of my profile? xD
LariQueen: "Yo you selling that phone?"-randompersononsnapchat
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: i actually like that song
(ExoticModz): Yep
LariQueen: Lol
(ExoticModz): https://youtu.be/keOfqI1A-2w
QueenAngel: no
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: i thought you were serious :facepalm:
QueenAngel: that never happened before
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: oh
QueenAngel: i was jk
WhiskerHaven: Apparently... Reena does it every now and again.
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: also i think it is exotic
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: lol
(ExoticModz): tf is that a thing
WhiskerHaven: Reena is sleep chatting again. xD
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: whats up
(ExoticModz): o.e
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: hello
QueenAngel: im sleeping
WhiskerHaven: I am awake! xD
QueenAngel: high is for drug addicts
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: is anyone awake?
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: high
Canada: Just kidding
Canada: *Mentions Cora's profile.* :troll:
Penguins: ... Your profile is unique :pface:
WhiskerHaven: I'll ignore the next person that mentions my profile. I swear to god.
(ExoticModz): tf is with ur pf Cora
WhiskerHaven: You just append &invitefriend=WhiskerHaven to the end of a profile url or go to http://prefix.3dsplaza.com/members/friends.php and type my username in. :pface:
Penguins: ROSHAMBO
Gumball: Managed*
Gumball: I still manage to send you a friend request on the account RB:
Canada: I wanted that code ;-;
[N/A] dillyn as Makku: hello
WhiskerHaven: I believe I was banned for 6 days for that.
WhiskerHaven: I was banned for spamming the code in other people's comments and such... Never for using it on my profile.
Dawson: Ayyyyyeeeeeeee
Penguins: Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dawson: Aye
WhiskerHaven: ???
Canada: Do you have the code to replace the header incudled with all the links?
AnimeFan: good night!
Canada: Cora
QueenAngel: actually forget it
QueenAngel: OMG.
Gumball: Plus, Kai and Fayne had the code before.
Canada: I forget he had me on ignore
Canada: Oh, right
Gumball: Having the code without permission shows the pityness of people forcing to log back in, not knowing they were logged out.
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