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KyrieIrving: now i got to go for real see u later striker
xXStrikerXx as Striker: np
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Yeah
KyrieIrving: exept for golem but he dont talk
KyrieIrving: but every one gone
KyrieIrving: thanks
xXStrikerXx as Striker: o.o -.- o.o
KyrieIrving: hi golem
KyrieIrving: creamstar hella
KyrieIrving: undefined
KyrieIrving: is she afk
xXStrikerXx as Striker: cream! -hugs-
KyrieIrving: wassup
KyrieIrving: hey cream
creamstar: Sorry i forgot striker
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Bye, ttyl
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Yeah
KyrieIrving: gtg bye striker
KyrieIrving: you seen her latlely
KyrieIrving: i havnt seen her in awhile wonder how shes doing
KyrieIrving: oh
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Oh yeah, i think it was her friend.. 3:
KyrieIrving: something like that
KyrieIrving: cream talks about rip dashie on her profile
KyrieIrving: not suprised
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Watching Dashie
KyrieIrving: what are you doing
KyrieIrving: things to do all the time
KyrieIrving: back
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Ok
KyrieIrving: brb
xXStrikerXx as Striker: aww.. ;-;
KyrieIrving: no sadly im a busy person i barley have time to do things like that
xXStrikerXx as Striker: homework.. x.x
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Your watching dashie? <]
KyrieIrving: just doing some homework and watching some basketball
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Good, good.
KyrieIrving: Im pretty good
KyrieIrving: watching dashie im guessing
xXStrikerXx as Striker: Good ig, wbu?
KyrieIrving: hey striker hru
xXStrikerXx as Striker: ..
KyrieIrving: afk!!
KyrieIrving: Hey madaraaa

ChampionLeake milked the cow first this hour! (0 other users failed)
MonstarModz: hey champion, i found the pn deleter

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M QueenAngel: Ik youre lebron james kyrie
xXStrikerXx as Striker: o.o
KyrieIrving: #afk
KyrieIrving: hey reena sup
KyrieIrving: hey star hey champ
xXStrikerXx as Striker: -yawns-
xXStrikerXx as Striker: hey cream
creamstar: Hi striker
M ChampionLeake: ok
Esther as Es: by the time you see this, i will alreay be out of my browser
Esther as Es: just stopped by to say "hi"

ChampionLeake milked the cow first this hour! (0 other users failed)
M QueenAngel: Its really awkward when i see my ex on fb like /_\
M QueenAngel: I dont like curves
starbreaker: the white at the top makes it feel empty.
starbreaker: or at least give us themes for chrome mobile.
M QueenAngel: Same
starbreaker: I dont really like it. I wish i could change the background (when switching tabs) back to black.
creamstar: Hi snowy
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