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AlexAlmighty as average normie: happy
AlexAlmighty as average normie: the shots are coming down my friends
AlexAlmighty as average normie: boiling
[Fantasy] ShadowBrave15 as Shadow: hey ho
creamstar: hi Rachel
Jayden: Hey Golem
Jayden: O
OmegaZero as Rachel: My kitten fell asleep on me
M Datti: Yo
OmegaZero as Rachel: Hi Zaid
OmegaZero as Rachel: Maybe
Jayden: Hey Datti
Jayden: We are probably gonna be super
Jayden: Ik Rachel
Jayden: What’s up?
Flarekid14: Ok
QueenAngel: Scroll down
Flarekid14: Just send it
QueenAngel: Its either yes or no
QueenAngel: IM ASKING YOU.
Flarekid14: Ok
QueenAngel: Ask her**
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