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v3.0 Public 2015w17

OrbitalLight64: everest does your site say project cinccino
OrbitalLight64: if you look at my toe its saying yo
OrbitalLight64: You have not unlocked cSplit yet.
OrbitalLight64: Hello Everest
OrbitalLight64: thank you. -Canada
Everest as The Husky Pup: Just got back from the second day of three at the fair, so my day is going great, Thanks! RB:-b @Timmy
Canada: I said I will stop
OrbitalLight64: you stop annoying me then calling me a girl
Canada: Light, chill
Canada: Yo Cora! R: And it's not bad. Excited for school. You?
OrbitalLight64 uses his wolf powers and runs off at the speed of sound
westside: wassup
Everest as The Husky Pup: Yo Timmy! How's it going?
Canada: Hi, Light
OrbitalLight64: Is that all you say What? what?
Canada: What?
OrbitalLight64: NOW YOUR BACK!!!!!!
OrbitalLight64: good your leaving
OrbitalLight64: ohh...no...CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!
Canada: .
OrbitalLight64: Im bored as usual
Penguins: You do got bars :ohplz:
M DarkJesterZ: Emmuh! o/
ANDROID11: I have normal canines and jaw pain :yay:
OmegaZero: I have a fang
ANDROID11: Yeah.
OmegaZero: Oww
ANDROID11: It sucks having wisdom teeth pulled. I'm eating as much as possible the moment i can eat.
OmegaZero: Zaid
Dave: I can reforge my gear
Dave: finally
dude98 as Rorschach : Epic Rap Battles of History
M DarkJesterZ: hot! Oh!
M DarkJesterZ: oooo bars!
dude98 as Rorschach : I'm Deist
M DarkJesterZ: go back in your cave dave
Dave: You guys are wannabes
Dave: You hos keep trying to take away my title
M DarkJesterZ: But that's how it should be. I work in the shadows
Dave: I'm the God
Dave: Um no bitch
M DarkJesterZ: I'm legit the God of this :) and they don't even realize.
M CodyP2000: ikr -zaid
M DarkJesterZ: I kill the chat and bring it back to life
Dave is now away.
Dave: I don't want to talk to you bums
M DarkJesterZ: i call you codes but you can't even code -Codes
Dave: The chat died
M CodyP2000: lol
M DarkJesterZ: It's all good. I got what I wanted anyway. I had my fun
M DarkJesterZ: B-B-BAITED
M DarkJesterZ: I was loving you too much and you started ignoring me. As soon as I got like this you started talking again
Dave: Back to being ignored
Dave: k
M DarkJesterZ: it finally worked
M DarkJesterZ: nah I'm doing this so I could get your attention
Dave: you seem mad
M DarkJesterZ: get it
M DarkJesterZ: Nah I can say whatever the :) I please because I don't give a :)
Dave: I spit facts
Dave: unlike me
M DarkJesterZ: I don't value people's love on here lol
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