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girwaffles122: How have you been lately?
girwaffles122: Hey Benis
benis: Hey Lesley

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benis: Gn
M QueenAngel: I better go. Behave, children. Good night.
benis: Mmm cinnamon bagel with crunchy peanut butter
benis: Thanks Ev

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benis: Okay food secured
benis: Man I'm hungry
Everest: Discord is the fastest way to contact me.
benis: Okay I'll add you
Everest: PlazaHUD appears to be down... Next time this happens message me on discord SkyeEverest#3851. grin I am trying to fix it right now. rainbowepicface-b
benis: Due to AIDS
Naruko: Pool's closed
Naruko: Watermark on my windshield, call it frosted glass
benis has 50215 3DSPoints!

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M QueenAngel: Stay in school kids
bestr101: oh shoot i haven't done homework and its 9:42 in my time well bye
benis: We'll catch up though
benis: I'm in the middle of homework right now buddy
bestr101: hey let go to the 3rd chat [ that 9000 thing]
benis: We're friends man
bestr101: cool so are we still internet freind or atlease nuetral
benis: Dude don't even sweat it
bestr101: but remember monday or was ot sunday
benis: Bro you didn't do anything
bestr101: benis im so sorry for being immature and a jerk will you accept my apology if i give you 15 3ds points
benis: I was behind them all the way until they started this whole "Black Power" thing
benis: You know I used to be apart of the movement but there's so many phonies and frauds now
bestr101: wow so am i the micheal sherman of this place
bestr101: hi guys
M QueenAngel: Aww
M ChampionLeake: January 1st 2019 will be my 7th year here
M QueenAngel: Shhh /_\
M ChampionLeake: Whispering is glitchy for me
M ChampionLeake: Happy Birthday then?
M QueenAngel: Spencer created his bot on the dec 5th too
M ChampionLeake: There's nothing wrong with the 5th
benis: Ah
benis: *significance
benis: What's the signifigance?
benis: Okay
M QueenAngel: Out of all the days, it was the 5th
benis: Lol
M ChampionLeake: moo

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benis: Got amazing powers of observation
M ChampionLeake: Cow is mine
M QueenAngel: I collect dollar coins
benis: I've got electric lights, and I've got second sight
benis: When I'm a good dog they sometimes throw me a bone in
M ChampionLeake: My bro collects pens
M QueenAngel: Cringe. @benis
benis: I've got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb in
benis: No, I have a regular sized pen
M QueenAngel: You know zaid resigned on the 5th. Weird.
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