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Hello everyone. I'm back again resuming the 3DSPlaza Weekly news. In this weekly I'll be focusing on the Chatrooms, Forums, Nintendo News, and Upcoming 3DSPlaza events. Now lets get started.

Plaza Tools v2.2.0
To start things off MarioErmando has updated the 3DSPlaza Tool extension.
The following things below were updated:
• Patched Word-wrap to chat
• Added jump to last page button for forums
• Added sign mention highlights
• Added option to not notify when chat tab is open (Chrome Only)

To install the update on chrome wait until Chrome auto-updates it or navigate to chrome://extensions/ and click "Update extensions now". For Firefox go to Forum thread: 79110 On the last comment from MarioErmando.

Mewtwo 3DS/Wii U DLC Glitch
Moving on, everyone was so excited about getting Mewtwo DLC early for club nintendo. But there was some unexpected bugs that could put your SSB4 data in danger. One of them is the Mewtwo 10 Man Smash which if you use Mewtwo in multi-man smash and go online your data will be erase/corrupted. For more information on this glitch go to Forum thread: 79747. Another glitch found in the Mewtwo DLC is called Mewtwo Custom Moves? This glitch happens when you download a mii from share, viewing the mii and exiting the mii and picking Mewtwo. This allows you to show Nintendo's unfinished custom moves for Mewtwo.

Streetpass Plaza 4.0
Next, Nintendo released their update for the "Streetpass Plaza" This update added more features and games to the plaza. Most of the features were useful such as the Game Vault. For more information about the Streetpass Plaza update visit Forum thread: 79762.

Looks like the 3DSPlaza Weekly wraps things up. But stay tune for more 3DSPlaza Weekly News every Saturday. See you soon.

Posted on 2015-04-18 23:25:44 by ChampionLeake

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