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An unexpected announcement today that Nintendo has announced that they have partnered with mobile company DeNA (pronounced as DNA) as they will help Nintendo develop mobile games and apps on smart devices.

That's right, we'll be seeing Nintendo IPs on Smartphones and tablets very soon. DeNA has worked with Disney before and it was a quite success. But with partnership with Nintendo, will it be a bigger success? Here's what they announced:

-Nintendo will port some games to mobile, so don't expect new games or IPs coming to mobile.
-Iwata revealed some info about their loyalty membership that'll be the successor of Club Nintendo: the new service will be multi-plat, so it won't be exclusive to just Nintendo devices, but will also be linked to your smatphone with the mobile Nintendo games they're going to release. So the service will be available to use on 3DS, Wii U, PC, phones, tablets, and future Nintendo devices.
-Speaking about future Nintendo hardware, they tease their new hardware code named "NX" What could it be?

So that's about it. What do you expect with this partnership? Will it be a success?

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Posted on 2015-03-18 01:59:19 by Nin10dude789

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