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So before Plaza inevitably gets euthanized, I think it’s time for a dedicated thread to share Discord names or other social media tags, if you’re interested in keeping contact with people of Plaza. I know there’s a bunch of us who still pop in to see who’s around to reconnect with..but linger no longer, just check this thread for your old friend’s contact info (obviously, no personal information like phone numbers, addresses, etc...just other social media handles). Please do not share other user’s handles/servers without their permission.

My Discord is Lani#7135 if anyone is interested in keeping in touch.

Pokemongirl/Vampy121 has made a Discord server which has over four dozen Plaza users (most of whom hung out in the RP room back in the day). If interested, here’s the invite:

If you can’t find a friend in the posts below, perhaps try joining a server and asking around if anyone else knows them outside of Plaza.

ETA: There’s no official “kill date” for Plaza yet, as far as I know... but it’s best to get started with reconnecting elsewhere anyway.

Posted on 2019-07-03 16:54:24 by Lani

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