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Many of you probably know Project Triniate. The myth. The MMORPG that never was.

It was in development for a while, there were video's, and you could even play the prototypes if you were willing to donate $1 to the project. But then it got whiped out by a server crash and it was never to be seen again.

... Until today. I found an old backup of Triniate (among other things) a while ago, and some of you showed interest in seeing it, so, I put it back online!

Now I have to say that unfortunately, this is was an abandoned version of Triniate. I actually restarted the core game mechanics from scratch to make the game grid based like Pokémon, but nothing is left of this rebooted version.

A few things were broken too. I fixed the worst bugs and crashes so that it's playable and stripped the donation requirement, so that everyone can experience it for themselves!

Have fun!

Posted on 2020-11-30 22:33:29 by Robdeprop

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